It's a dating app jungle out there! Enjoy this cannabis-infused conversation about the pros and cons of keeping a steady piece of side-booty while you're looking for your person in this contemporary dating culture.

"Love, MJ" Guest Host: With over a decade of experience, Erin Beata possesses a unique understanding of the full spectrum of sex, love, and partnership in her work as a matchmaker, sex educator, and coach. From a high-level understanding of the art and science of female orgasm to the ins and outs of the matchmaking industry, Erin brings grit, grace and play to the sometimes daunting quest for conscious, healthy and secure partnership.

Erin's team is offering listeners a complimentary matchmaking profile in their network of conscious singles. They work with singles in the SF Bay Area, Los Angeles, and NYC. Get started by emailing hello@erinbeata.com.

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