Relationships in the Modern Cannabis Culture
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Hi! I'm Mary Jane.

Ask me anything about cannabis, dating, love, and relationships. I'm a 22-year cannabis consumer and experienced lifestyle writer with a knack for giving solid, straight-shooting advice. 

Love, Mary Jane the podcast is coming soon. Submit your questions and join the conversation!

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If it's business, tell me your name. If you're seeking advice have fun with it.

I've been giving advice on love and cannabis for the better part of twenty years. From casual back porch chatter to professional matchmaker blogs to advice on finding the right products and strains to get the most out of your intimate experiences - I've been sharing what I know with my tribe.

I recently began sharing my advice in Pineapple, a cannabis lifestyle publication and am seeking to syndicate the column around the globe. You can always find my advice here, but if you'd like to see it in your local, weekly publication or on your favorite website, please request my work.

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